Tenango who?

This is Mike. Mike is the builder, owner, manager and head barrista at Café Tenango.
Mike's goal, along with the rest of the Tenango Team, is to bring the delicious tastes of organic, fair trade and local products to Wolfe Island's residents and visitors.
Café Tenango first opened its doors in the beautifully quaint village of Marysville, Wolfe Island on July 11th 2012. We had such a great time in our first season - providing our customers with delectable beverages, heavenly homemade ice cream and other tasty treats. Now we are back for a second season and we couldn't be more delighted to do it all over again this summer!
We want you to spoil yourself. Come by and indulge in a frosty, energy-boosting iced latté or lick your way to euphoria on a Slicker's Apple Pie ice cream. We have the flavours that will blow your mind and the customer service that will keep you coming back for more!